Why the change from Cov-ver hats to Conner hats?

Some of you may know our family hat history, for those of you that don't here is a brief introduction.

My father, Bill Conner started making leather hats in the late-sixties in St Augustine, Florida. He then decided to immigrate to Australia and created an iconic Australian hat company called BC Hats. All of his hats are still hand made in our hometown, Byron Bay.

I was 18 in 1988 and with the money I had saved from working in his hat factory and other odd jobs, I decided to move from Byron Bay to St. Augustine where my dad learned leather craft over twenty years prior. After a few months in college I decided my best chance to learn business was to buy a few cartons of BC Hats and start selling them in local shops around Florida. Fast forward to 1999, I was deciding what to call my own hat brand and add these to my BC Hat distribution. I considered our family name Conner but I wasn't sure if I could create as good a quality hat as my dad and at that time I didn't want the pressure of living up to the family name. I decided on Cov-ver Hats, which turned out very well.

Fast-forwarding again to today and after 14 years since creating Cov-ver hats, I finally feel confident that I can put the Conner name on my hat designs. Cov-ver has served us well but with the Conner name I can now tell our family story and build the brand for future generations. Keep an eye out for our new website and many new designs along with point of purchase materials that will help you sell our growing brand. We will still be shipping Cov-ver until inventory runs out and is replaced with new Conner Hats.

Thank you for your continued support and please send me your questions and comments to or call 1.800.922.4288.

Best Regards,
Will Conner

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